600.119/1775b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin )7

For Sheldon [from War Trade Board]: No. 1630. The conclusion of the armistice affords an appropriate occasion which the Board desires to take advantage of to express its appreciation of your effective service abroad, which the Board feels has contributed materially to the economic pressure upon Germany, which was so large a factor in inducing ultimate surrender. There still remains important work to be done and the Board hopes to be able to rely upon the maintenance, certainly during the armistice period and until the peace terms and Congressional action gives us information as to when our activities may properly cease, of its foreign organization serving with the same diligence, intelligence and vigor, as has been characteristic in the past. The Board would be glad to receive suggestions from you as to whether in your opinion any important change of blockade policy should be introduced during the period of the armistice. Unless you are otherwise instructed all blockade machinery [Page 735] will remain in force and be administered as heretofore. Please communicate this message to all members of your force.

  1. The same, on the same date, to Embassies in Argentina (for Burnett), Brazil (for Amory), Chile (for Kizer), France (for McFadden, No. 443), Italy (for Stewart, No. 42), Japan (for Rabbitt, War Trade Board No. 135), Mexico (for Clay), and Spain (for Chadbourne, No. 367); to Legations in Denmark (for Hurley), Greece (for Weddell, No. 48), Guatemala (for Deverall), the Netherlands (for Edwards, No. 117), Norway (for Dye, No. 121), Portugal (for Carroll, War Trade Board No. 89), Sweden (for Owen, No. 107), and Switzerland (for Dresel, No. 176); to Consuls at Barcelona (for Harel, No. 382), Batavia (for Bairden), Kobe (for Wait), Shanghai (for Denby), Vladivostok (for Heid, No. 25), and Yokohama (for Weimer); and to Morgan at Havana (War Trade Board No. 243). The same, Dec. 1, 1918, to Consul at Archangel (for Cole, No. 11).