Paris Peace Conf. 182/29

The Chargé in Switzerland ( Wilson ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

No. 71

Sirs: I have the honor to transmit herewith for such action as you may consider advisable, copy of a note from the Swiss Political Department dated January 6, 1919,6 requesting a reply to its previous note [Page 74] of the 7th of December in which it brought to the attention of this Legation the desire of the German Government to be informed of the date on which the preliminary discussions for peace would commence.

For your information, I have the honor to add that the substance of the previous note of December 7th referred to was telegraphed to the Secretary of State7 from whom a reply was received8 to the effect that this matter had been referred to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace.

I have [etc.]

Hugh R. Wilson
  1. Not printed.
  2. See the Minister’s telegram No. 6132, Dec. 11, 1918, 11 a.m., p. 72.
  3. Not printed.