763.72119/2966: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

29. Following is text of note in translation from Swiss Legation Washington dated November 13th but which was not received at Department and copy only just received

“I have the honor to transmit herewith upon instructions of my Government the original text of a communication from the German Government received by this Legation this afternoon

‘The armistice now being concluded the German Government requests the President of the United States to arrange for the opening of peace negotiations. For the purpose of their acceleration, the German Government proposes first of all to take in view the conclusion of a preliminary peace and asks for a communication at which place and what time negotiations might begin. As there is pressing danger of a famine the German Government is particularly anxious for negotiations to begin immediately. Solf’

Accept Sir etc.”

[Page 73]

German Government is pressing for reply through Swiss Political Department. Department replying to Swiss Legation that matter referred to you.4

  1. Department’s reply to Swiss Legation not printed.