863.48/38: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Special Representative ( House )6

45. Department has received the following cablegram through the Swedish Legation from the Government of Austria:

“The city of Vienna is threatened with a coal famine. If shipments of coal do not arrive within 15 days the lighting of the city will have to be stopped. The consequences to public order and safety of persons and property would be deplorable. There is coal in the coal fields of [Page 633] Bohemia and Moravia. The Allied Powers and United States of America are asked to intervene in order that regular and sufficient shipments be sent on to Vienna.”

  1. This same message was sent to the Ambassador in France in Department’s telegram No. 6353, Nov. 20, 1918, 4 p.m., with the addition of the following paragraph: “After conferring with Colonel House, you will take such steps with the Czecho-Slovak National Council as may seem to you desirable, cabling Department action taken.”