763.72119/3416: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

186. Department informed by Brazilian Embassy that Brazilian Minister in Paris has been instructed by his Government that the following points are to be submitted directly or through the French Government at the Peace Conference:

Germany should give Brazil a formal undertaking that she disclaims property in the ships taken over by the belligerents (owners of German ships which were taken over are planning to bring judicial action for their restitution or for their indemnization).

Following indemnities should be given to Brazil by Germany:

For the expenses incurred by fleet in its Atlantic operations.
For the attendant expenses resulting from the acts of German crews.
For the ships taken or sunk before the declaration of war (Eight of these).
An indemnization for relatives of Brazilian sailors killed or wounded on board ships sunk before, as well as after the severing of relations.
For expenses resulting from war preparation, including refunding of 500,000 pounds paid in advance to Krupp factories.

Total amount of indemnization for navy is between 3 and 4 million pounds and for Lloyd Brasileiro is 472 thousand pounds. Other indemnizations are to be included in the gross total of 20 million pounds sterling, which Brazil will most likely claim later.

Copy of Brazilian Embassy’s note dated January 7, being sent by mail.20

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