Paris Peace Conf. 184.023/3

The Diplomatic Liaison Officer With the Supreme War Council ( Frasier ) to Brigadier General C. H. McKinstry

My Dear General McKinstry: I enclose herewith a copy of a letter just received from the Minister for Foreign Affairs in connection with the estimate of damages caused to invaded parts of France by the German Army of occupation.

Sincerely yours,

Arthur Hugh Frasier
[Page 583]

The French Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Pichon ) to Colonel E. M. House

Dossier: P. 1–3

My Dear Colonel: I have the honor to inform you that I have noted with pleasure the request of the Government of the United States which you took up with me in your letter of November 30.7 I immediately transmitted it to the two French Ministers who have in charge the evaluation of damages in the departments of France which suffered invasion: M. Loucheur, Minister of National Reconstruction and M. Lebrun, Minister for the Liberated Regions.

General McKinstry may communicate with my colleagues who will furnish him with all available information.

I would also remark that the question is extremely complicated arid that the research required to estimate the damage done by Germany in France will of necessity be long and will require an extensive investigation. This investigation has begun and in its continuance brings up each day new evidence showing losses to be greater than we had previously supposed.

Accept [etc.]

S. Pichon
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