763.72119/2829: Telegram

The Chargé in Cheat Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State

4162. Rathbone from Goodhue,4 Number 790. As part of information in course of preparation for peace council, in conjunction [Page 581] with British Treasury, I would like to receive promptly as possible, preferably within next few days following information:

Approximate value of property of German government in the United States subdivided into: (a) Cash; (b) salable securities; (c) other property.
Approximate value property owned by German citizens in the United States with same subdivision as above; (a), (b) and (c) should include all items under above head now in Alien Property Custodian’s possession, securities should be subdivided according to nationality of obligor.
Approximate value of property in Germany owned by American Government and American citizens with the same subdivision as above. Has any machinery been established in America as in England to ascertain the value of such property and the amount of American claims before the seizure thereof by German government?
Estimated amount of German investments in the United States disposed of by Germany sold by Germany or transferred from the United States between outbreak of European war and our entrance into the war. It is recognized that this question can only be answered by an estimate which may be very inaccurate.
Estimated total cost of the war to the United States Government including rough allowance for return to peace basis with subdivision showing amount of aggregate cost represented by loans to allies.
Annual pre-war increase in national wealth of the United States.

  1. F. A. Goodhue, member of the Inter-Allied Committee for War Purchases and Finance.