033.1140/114: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

138. For Glass, Secretary of Treasury, from Norman Davis:

Your cable of December 31st18 has been received, informing me that you have recommended to the President my appointment as [Page 553] commissioner in connection with armistice discussion at Spa and also insofar as the President may desire and my time is not occupied by the special mission to furnish general economic and financial advice with reference to questions which may arise not directly touching our foreign loans. I wish to thank you and express my highest appreciation for your confidence and recommendation and shall accept with pleasure the appointment.
As you are aware, Mr. McAdoo asked me to return to Europe as special representative of the Treasury in relation to European relief. As I cabled Rathbone yesterday, it was decided that a special Inter-Allied Board should be created to coordinate relief work and define general questions of policy and the President designated Hoover and myself the American representatives. This appointment I am accepting as part of my work which, however, should diminish once that a general plan is adopted and put in operation.
Colonel House is of the opinion that it will not be necessary for me to be at Spa many days, but that some of that work can be done here. If however, I find it impossible to attend to both duties, I shall advise you.
I presume it will be satisfactory to you for me to use any of the Treasury staff here who may be available and needed for my work. Crosby informs me practically all of them will be free very soon, but some desire to return home.
I regret very much not being acquainted with you and appreciate your confidence all the more. I am delighted to know that Leffingwell and Rathbone are to continue with you at the Treasury for I have had full opportunity to appreciate their marked ability and excellent service rendered.
I quite agree with you that all questions with reference to our foreign loans should now be discussed and disposed of in Washington, and shall endeavor to keep you fully informed of my work here.

Am[erican] Mission
  1. Telegram No. 6808, Dec. 31, 1918, 9 p.m., to the Ambassador in France, p. 547.