The French Chargé ( Chambrun ) to the Acting Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: As I had the honor to inform you by my note of December 18, the financial protocol appended to the convention for the renewal of the armistice with Germany stipulates in its first article that the German Government “undertakes not to dispose except under a previous agreement with the Allies of the cash assets of the Treasury or the Reichsbank, of the bills payable or credits held in foreign countries, and all foreign securities belonging to the Government and public funds” and, on the request of the Germans, provision was made for the appointment of a Commissioner to handle those matters.

As I had occasion to inform you in our conversation of yesterday, the Government of the Republic appointed to that office Mr. Louis Marin, under-Governor of the Crédit Foncier, Commander of the Legion of Honor, Inspector General of France, formerly Director General in the Ministry of France, formerly Counselor of State. That high official has been instructed to proceed as early as January 3 to Mainz where he is to have his headquarters and which was chosen as being a central city near the large German city of Frankfurt.

I am instructed by the Government of the Republic to inquire while acquainting you with Mr. Marin’s appointment whether the Federal Government intends to designate an American delegate to serve with the French delegate. I am further instructed to say that an American delegate would be welcome.14

Be pleased [etc.]

Charles de Chambrun
  1. On Jan. 27, 1919, the Acting Secretary of State replied that “Mr. Norman Davis has been appointed as American representative to serve with the French Commissioner.” (763.72119/3327.)