Paris Peace Conf. 793.94/8: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

97. Telegram in substance as follows has been received from Legation at Peking: The Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs during course of short conversation in Tokyo with Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs said that desires of China at Peace Conference would be supported by Japan but Japan would expect that status of Shantung should without delay be settled amicably between the Chinese and Japanese Governments. It would seem that the Chinese are being encouraged by the Japanese to make demands which it is a foregone conclusion will not be granted categorically by the Powers such as abolition of extraterritoriality and of customs tariff restrictions, and in return for their support the settlement of the Shantung question is being urged. All general provisions made by the Peace Conference for the protection and salvation of China would be futile if Japanese special right in Shantung should be acknowledged.