Paris Peace Conf. 185.1145/2: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

Misc. 11. The Russian Ambassador at Washington, under date of October 31, 1918, submitted the following statement of eventual peace terms regarding Russia, which he wished to present to the Conference. He submitted the proposals in response to a note from the Secretary of State of October 23,17 in which correspondence between the United States and Germany regarding the Armistice was enclosed, and he requested his views and conclusions:

Exterior unconditional abrogation of the treaty of Brest-Litovsk18 and all other agreements concluded by the German Government after November 7, 1917, either with the authorities acting in the name of Russia or with whatever National or Political group claiming to represent authority on any territory of the former Russian Empire.
Evacuation of German troops from the territory of the former Russian Empire, evacuation or isolation of prisoners of war including their disarmament, withdrawal of all German Officials, experts and agents of whatever character, return of all Russian prisoners of war.
Suspension of [by?] Germany of financial and military assistance to the present authorities in Russia and the discontinuation of supplying materials which might be used for military operations against the Allies or for the upholding of massacre and terror.
Immediate restitution by Germany of all naval and commercial vessels, auxiliary crafts and material, as well as the restitution of arms, rolling stock, war and railway materials taken after November 7, 1917.
Restitution of all Russian gold reserves, bullion, securities and banknotes commandeered by Germany or transferred to her by the acting authorities after November 7, 1917.
Abrogation of all franchises, financial and economic agreements entered into by the German institutions public or private with Russian establishments of whatever character after November 7, 1917; cancellation of purchases of Russian stock and securities effectuated after same date by German institutions directly or through substitutes.