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The French Ambassador to the United States ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: We are, as you know, quite willing, and so are the British, and so are you, I believe, that the question of the Slesvig be submitted by Denmark to the peace conference.

Our minister in Copenhagen has exchanged letters on this subject with the Danish For. Minister. As it may interest you to know those documents, I enclose copies.

Very sincerely yours

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[Enclosure 1—Translation]20

The French Legation in Denmark to the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Note Verbale

The French Minister at Copenhagen has made known by a telegram to his government the text of the communication, dated November 28th last, by means of which the Royal Danish Government, in transmitting the text of the resolution passed November 17th at Aabenraa and in recalling to mind the sentiment expressed by the Danish parliament on the question of Sleswig, indicated the desire of being informed about the procedure to be followed further with view to the solution of this question.

The French government believes that the Royal Danish Government should, if it desires the settlement of the matter, present to the Associated Governments an official request with the intent of bringing it before the Peace Conference.

[Enclosure 2—Translation]20

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Scavenius ) to the French Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Pichon )

Mr. Minister: In reference to the note verbale from the Legation of the French Republic dated the 10th of this month, concerning the procedure to be followed further with view to the solution of the question of Schleswig, permit me to turn to you as a friendly intermediary for forwarding to your government the official request of the King’s government desiring to bring before the Peace Conference the question mentioned above.

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  1. Translation supplied by the editor.
  2. Translation supplied by the editor.