The Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith ) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 1962

Sir: Adverting to my telegram No. 3298, of yesterday’s date, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy and translation of a note from the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, dated the 12th instant, requesting me to convey to my Government the official request of the Danish Government that the question of the future of North Slesvig be brought before the peace conference.

I have [etc.]

U. Grant-Smith

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Scavenius ) to the American Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith )

Monsieur le Chargé d’Affaires: Referring to my note of the 28th ultimo,14 concerning the Slesvig question, I have the honor to inform [Page 458] you that the Royal Government, in response to their request as to the procedure to be followed further with regard to the solution of this question, have received a communication from the French Government15 stating that the Danish Government should, if they desire the adjustment of the matter, present to the Associated Governments an official request to have it brought before the Peace Conference.

Conforming to this communication, I take the liberty of having recourse to your kind intermediary to forward to your Government the official request of the Royal Government to be good enough to bring before the Peace Conference the question mentioned above.

Please accept [etc.]

Erik Scavenius
  1. Not printed; for substance, see despatch No. 1930, Dec. 5, 1918, from the Chargé in Denmark, p. 450.
  2. See p. 461.