Paris Peace Conf. 850a.00/4: Telegram

The Minister in the Netherlands ( Garrett ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

69. Following is translation of telegram received from Foreign Minister of Luxemburg:

“In my note of December 31st last11 I had the honor to inform Your Excellency that the Grand Ducal Government had just cancelled the conventions existing between the Grand Duchy and Germany relating to the accession of the Grand Duchy to the German Customs, as well as to the exploitation of the Guillaume Luxembourg Railroads. Conforming with the unanimous aspirations of the Luxembourg people the Government desires to enter upon negotiations with a view to arriving [Page 445] at an economic understanding between the countries of the Entente and the Grand Duchy. It would be glad to be able to examine with the representatives of the powers the conditions and means of reaching such an understanding. The Ducal Government praises the declarations made by the governments of the Allied and Associated powers on the subject of the rights of small nations and hastens to place the independence of the Grand Duchy as well as the rights of the Luxembourg people toward (vis-à-vis) Germany under the high protections of their powers. Signed Reuter, Minister of State.”

[Note of] December 31st above referred to has not been received.

  1. Post, p. 446.