Paris Peace Conf. 860c.20/9

The Chargé in France ( Bliss ) to the Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Grew )

Sir: Referring to my letter of the 17th instant, concerning the recruiting in the United States for the Polish Army, and to your acknowledgment thereof, I beg to inform you that the Polish National [Page 433] Committee notified me in a letter from the Chief of the Military Department of that Committee, that the recruitment referred to would be stopped on February 15th. I thereupon had another interview with Mr. Dmowski, President of the Polish Committee in which I pointed out the advisability that the recruitment be discontinued forthwith. He replied that he would again take up the matter in council with the members of the Committee, and I am glad to inform you that on again communicating with him to-day he has informed me that a decision has been taken by the Committee to at once order the discontinuance of further recruitment in the United States.

I have requested Mr. Dmowski to inform me whether the necessary instructions to this effect have been sent to the representative of Poland in the United States and I will not fail to inform you of his answer.

In accordance with the desire expressed in your letter of January 13th relating to this same matter, I return herewith the enclosures which you forwarded at that time.

I am [etc.]

Robert Woods Bliss