Paris Peace Conf. 860c.20/5a

The Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Chew ) to the Chargé in France ( Bliss )

My Dear Bob: By direction of Mr. Lansing, I beg to send you the enclosed papers which explain themselves.17

[Page 431]

Mr. Lansing will be grateful if you will find it possible to get in touch with the Polish representatives here, with a view to ascertaining their attitude regarding the question of recruiting Poles in the United States, and indicating that the United States Government would be unwilling to allow Poles to be enlisted in the United States to fight against peoples with whom we are at peace, and whose affairs we are trying to compose.

Please follow the line indicated in the President’s letter to the Secretary18 and be good enough to let me know the result of your conversation with the Poles in this regard, returning the enclosures with your reply.

Yours very sincerely,

J. C. Grew
  1. Concerning recruiting of Poles in the United States. Papers not enclosed with file copy of this letter.
  2. Supra.