The French Ambassador ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State 4


Mr. Secretary of State: My Government informs me that it has been asked by the Polish National Committee for recognition as a de facto government with regard to

Foreign representation,
Political direction of the Polish Army,
Civil protection of Polish nationals abroad.

The Bolshevik movement showing tendencies to develop at an alarming rate in Poland, it seems necessary, in the interest of the Poles and ourselves, to strengthen the parties of order which have heretofore lacked cohesion, and it would appear that recognition of the National Committee by the Allies would justify its position and create a central organ around which the pro-Entente elements which are now scattering their activities could rally.

The Government of the Republic therefore believes that the request of the National Committee which since its organization has always showed itself true to the Entente is justified and would for its part be inclined to grant the desired recognition. I would be glad if the Allied Governments could come to an agreement on this point.

I should be thankful to Your Excellency if you would kindly let me know at your earliest convenience whether the Federal Government is ready for its part to adopt this view.

Be pleased [etc.]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Ambassador in France, for Colonel House, in instruction No. 2406, Dec. 10, 1918.
  2. File translation revised.