860c.01/166: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State

5775. I have received the following information which comes from the Polish Government in Warsaw: Pilsudski was received by the Regent, Lubomirsky, on his arrival in Warsaw. Pilsudski’s relations with the Regency are friendly and he has been requested to form a government for all Poland including Silesia. A meeting of all Polish parties has been called for the formation of a coalition cabinet and Daszinski who was the leader of the Republican movement which lately began in Lublin will also be present. Polish troops have left Cracow for eastern Galicia and have retaken Przemysl. The German authorities have informed the Polish Government that Podlachia, the Government of Chelm, has been turned over to Poland. The Yugo-Slav authorities have informed the Polish Government through the Polish mission at Vienna that Polish soldiers returning from the Italian front will not be dissolved. Polish representatives have been appointed to Prague and Laibach.