The Minister in Roumania ( Vopicka ) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 58

Sir: I have the honor to report that since we came back to Bucharest many celebrations connected with theatrical performances and banquets have been given in honor of the delegates from Bukovina, [Page 400] Transylvania and Banat. These delegates brought in the resolutions of the inhabitants of these districts to join unconditionally Roumania, their mother country. I spoke with the delegates of Transylvania and Bukovina, and they all expressed their joy that they can join Roumania.

I beg to call the attention of the Department to my telegram No. 121 of October 9th 1918,19 in which I stated that Banat was given by arrangement of the Entente to Roumania, but I personally know that only half of it is occupied by Roumanians, the other half being occupied by Jugo-Slavs, and therefore there is certain to be a dispute about it between the Roumanians and the Jugo-Slavs, who will claim at least the western half of it.

The division of the Banat will have to be left to the Peace Conference for decision to avoid future disagreements.

I have [etc.]

Charles J. Vopicka
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