763.72/12518: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Acting Secretary of State

6258. My number 6244, December 12th. Since sending my telegram I have had a talk with both Mr. Antonesco Roumanian Minister to France and Mr. Danielopol, new Roumanian Minister to the United States, in which they declared that unless the Allied powers desired Roumania to declare war on Germany no such action would be taken either under the present or the new government to come in at the beginning of the year. They said that the French General Berthelot had asked some Roumanian divisions to be sent into Ukrainia some time ago which had been done but that there was no thought of any other military operations on the part of Roumania. They said that while the best of order now obtained in their country yet the food situation and that of clothing, particularly shoes, were very acute. They hoped to see Mr. Hoover to obtain speedy relief to supply such needs.