763.72/12514: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Acting Secretary of State

6234. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers dated Jassy, November 12.

“The Roumanian Government has ceased all movements of Roumanian troops at the moment prescribed by Marshal Foch. This order was maintained by all [apparent omission] the enemy military forces. But the Roumanian Government has brought to our notice the necessity in which it finds itself to intervene everywhere where anarchy has been organized by the enemy after his retreat where the Roumanian population claims its protection, especially in Bukovina and in Transylvania where grave excesses are being committed by the Austrian and Hungarian Bolsheviks. The famine and the propaganda organized by the Germans in “Wallachia may create at certain points a dangerous state of affairs. Consulted by the Roumanian Government, we expressed the opinion that the order of Marshal Foch should apply to all military operations properly speaking, but not to police operations”.