763.72119/2885: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Acting Secretary of State

6123. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers dated Jassy, November 24:

“It appears from a telegram of General Franchet d’Esperey that the Allied Governments have decided upon the evacuation from Dobroudja to [apparent omission] on the part of the Bulgarian troops and that until a definite adjustment of the status of this province by the peace treaty, it shall be occupied by the Allied troops. This declaration by the terms of which Dobroudja is regarded as debatable territory and which is in absolute contradiction to the reiterated assurances which we have given in conformity to instructions from our Governments, caused great concern to the King and the Roumanian Government. The Roumanian Government states that the [Page 395] reinstallation of the Roumanian authorities in Dobroudja should be immediate in order that this province may take part in the legislative elections which are to be held. We send en clair a note which the Roumanian Government has sent us on this subject. We call attention to the great importance of stopping all [apparent omission] concerning the fate of Dobroudja comprising the territory ceded to Roumania in 1913, which is considered here as an integral part of the ancient Roumanian territory. We warn our governments against the suggestions of Roumanians without official authority now in Paris and in London whose statements without doubt are not always in accord with the sentiments of the Roumanian Government and people.”