763.72/12363: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State

6036. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers, dated Jassy, November 23.

“We transmit herewith to our Governments the following note of the Roumanian Government. See our telegram number 814. The Roumanian Government has been glad to [regard?] the assurance relative to the Dobrudja [as?] a new evidence of the intentions and sentiments of the Allies with regard to Roumania. Roumania has never feared that on the day of the victory of the Allies, the integrity of her territory would be sacrificed to the profit of the enemy against whom she has struggled by the side of her Allies through such these cruel experiences. The annulling of the treaty of Bucharest, from the first moment, has confirmed her legitimate confidence. She cannot only attribute a provisional and purely military character to the measures which have not yet permitted her to take possession of a part of her territory whose political status is fixed by international treaties, and the constitutional laws of the Kingdom. She sees with gratitude the friendly haste with which the inter-Allied command proposes to liberate the northern part of this unhappy province from the invaders, who by fire, blood and pillage have destroyed the work of a half of a century of civilization. It is, however, necessary to extend without delay, in conformity with the condition of the general armistice, the measures projected by the Allied command to all the territory of the Kingdom, such as it was in 1914. The interests of the cruelly tried population require the prompt return of civil administration throughout the province, as [Page 393] is prescribed by the armistice for all countries evacuated by the enemy. It is just and natural that the Roumanian army should participate in the execution of the measure necessary for this operation, and should contribute thus to facilitate for the Allied command the work which would suffer dangerous delays in case the military contingent immediately available should not be sufficient: to this effect the command of the Roumanian troops has received the order to take the steps necessary to a cooperation with the Allied troops both on this side of the Danube and beyond it.”