763.72119/2853: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith ) to the Secretary of State

3236. Department’s 1221, November 8 [18], 7 p.m.6

Query 3. According to German and Danish press reports, the government in Prague has had some success in establishing authority by force of arms over the Czecho-Slovak districts of Hungary, but it is impossible to determine to what extent this has taken place. On the 20th ultimo a note was sent to the Karolyi Government, stating that the terms of the Armistice were not binding for the Czecho-Slovak Government, and that according to the acknowledgment of the Entente the districts in Hungary inhabited by Czecho-Slovaks no longer belonged to the Hungarian State. Simultaneously, a partial mobilization in Bohemia was ordered and it was announced in Prague that Marshal Foch was despatching French and Czecho-Slovak troops to the aid of the Home Government against Hungary. In the German districts of Bohemia some armed resistance to the efforts of the Prague Government to secure control has also been reported.

Query 5. There have been no press reports concerning the authority of the Government at Agram over the Bosnian National Council. Apparently all the local South Slavic councils are cooperating with the Agram Government or the Servian Government. Repeated to House. Copy to London.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted the queries listed in telegram No. 112, Nov. 16, 1918, 3 p.m., from Colonel House, vol. i, p. 197.