Paris Peace Conf. 873.00/14: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

60. The following telegram has been sent from Cattaro by the Ministry Marine for the Montenegrin Minister here:

“January 6th. French General is making a French-Serbian penetration into Montenegro admitting no other than Serbian authority. The intervention of his troops has a counterrevolutionary character. There are about 3,000 of which 500 were landed at Ragusa, 400 of the latter having already arrived at Cattaro have gone into Montenegro in French uniforms and with Serbo-French officers. Immediate help and energetic diplomatic steps indispensable since the enemy is energetically stirring up sedition.”

The following comprise two telegrams received by the Minister of Marine here from Cattaro:

“January 6th. The French General has been informed that the plans for the French Company which have been sent to Montenegro [Page 367]are to break the blockade of Cettigne restoring the Serbians in possession. Even though requiring other Allied forces the Serbian power will remain unchanged. General Venel prevents Montenegro from being visited by officers on detached duty even though acting singlely to study the situation. [”]

[“]January 7th. American Commanding Officer went to Cettigne yesterday. He arrived there while the fight was on. The civil authorities falsely attribute the fight to lack of food. According to the last reports the Serbian National Flag raised over the Municipal Building has been replaced by a sign reading ‘Long live King Nicholas first King of Montenegro’. This morning an American Company with an Italian platoon left for Montenegro. [”]

Nelson Page