The British Chargé ( Barclay ) to the Secretary of State 18

No. 1336


The British Chargé d’Affaires presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and, in accordance with instructions received from His Majesty’s Government, has the honour to point out that no indication is given in Article 19 of the Armistice with Germany, or in the note of arrangements annexed to the Armistice conditions, as to how the Russian and Roumanian gold which Germany is bound to deliver to the Allies is to be checked or to whose custody it is to be handed over.

The matter is an urgent one and His Majesty’s Government are anxious that an understanding on the points indicated should be reached without delay. The British Chargé d’Affaires has accordingly been instructed to enquire the views of the United States Government on the matter, and would be much obliged if a reply could be given to this enquiry as soon as possible. A similar enquiry is being addressed to the French and Italian Governments.

  1. This document bears the following manuscript notations: “Handed to Secty by Mr Barclay. Secretary told Barclay he thought France should hold in trust for all creditor nations until Peace Conference can determine ultimate disposal. I told Mr. Barclay I concurred as Secy suggested he see me. B[asil] M[iles] 12/2.”