The Serbian Chargé ( Simitch ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Phillips )

My Dear Mr. Assistant Secretary: I beg to submit herewith the enclosed copy of a cablegram, which has been officially forwarded to the undersigned, concerning the proclamation of the union of Montenegro with the Kingdom of Serbia.

Please accept [etc.]

Y. Simitch

Copy of the Telegram Forwarded by the Serbian Legation to the Department of State

Great National Shupsltina assembled at Podgoritza of Serbian people in Montenegro, on its own sitting of to-day, considering political, economical interests of Montenegro,

Resolved, first—That the King Nichola Peborich Njegus be deposed from the throne of Montenegro;

Second—That Montenegro be under the Dynasty of Karageorgevitch, and, united, enter into a common State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes;

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Third—That a special National Council be elected, which shall direct the work for the union of Serbia and Montenegro until the union shall have been accomplished;

Fourth—That this resolution be communicated to the former Bang Nichola, to the Government of the Kingdom of Serbia, the friendly entente powers and all neutral states.

Resolution was adopted unanimously by individual voting.

The people received the news of this resolution with great enthusiasm and believe in their future.

Solemn Mass and national festivities arranged for tomorrow in celebration of the Union.