763.72/12364: Telegram

The Special Agent at Corfu ( Dodge ) to the Secretary of State 17

Upon [my] taking leave of him, French Naval Commander-in-Chief expressed very great anxiety at the attitude of Italian Government [Page 309]and their occupation Dalmatia mentioning especially occupation Cattaro, reported intended Italian occupation Cettigne, breach of Italian promise not to land Fiume if the Servian forces withdrawn, the failure of Italian fleet and fort to celebrate German armistice and the constant delay and mutilation telegrams received from French Admiral, Venice.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs states that he has reason to believe Italian Government sending agents to Bulgaria to make trouble for Servia and Greece and that Italian Government clearly are endeavoring to create spirit in Italy which can be turned to account in impressing upon the Entente the difficulties of evacuation Dalmatia and Fiume. Also states that elections for constitutional convention to decide regarding union with Servia are reported to be proceeding in Montenegro and that the provisional government Dalmatia has requested Agram National Council to hasten the conclusion some agreement regarding union with Servia.

  1. Substance repeated to the American Embassy in Paris for Colonel House as Department’s telegram No. 117, Dec. 3, 1918, 4 p.m.