763.72119/2637: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Secretary of State

2349. Situation regarding regions beyond Adriatic much discussed here in political circles. There is much suppressed feeling against France on the part of both English and Italians here, she being charged by them with being at bottom of present Jugo-Slav movement along Austrian and Dalmatian coast. Aubrey Herbert, Member of Parliament, who has always been deeply interested in Albanian independence, now advocates substantially Sonnino’s plan on the ground that it will either be under France or Italy. He spoke of willingness of Albanians to take on an Italian king.

Foregoing, I think, reflects views and possibly policies of both British and Italian persons of influence. Herbert’s views are conversion rather recent to the Italian view and are, I believe, due to what France had been doing in that region. Meantime press full of account of enthusiastic reception of Italians in Fiume and all that region with declarations of desires to be united with Italy doubtless in part arranged, but also having a considerable amount of sincerity.

Nelson Page