The Acting Secretary of State to the French Chargé ( Chambrun )

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of December 21, 1918, in which you inform me that your Government has advised you that the representatives of the Allied Powers at Constantinople have suggested certain measures for the removal of German and Austrian subjects in that capital in carrying out Article 19 of the Armistice with Turkey. You inquire whether the Government of the United States is inclined to concur in these measures.

In reply I beg to inform you that, although the United States is deeply interested in the determination of all questions relating to the permanent settlement of Turkish affairs, this particular question appears to be a military question relative to the carrying out of the armistice with Turkey, with which this Government not being at war with Turkey or a party to the armistice is not immediately concerned.

Accept [etc.]

Frank L. Polk