763.72119/2640: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Secretary of State

2337. The chairman of the three Armenians representing the Armenian Committee to Italy called on me. This Committee is formed of the representative in Italy of the national Armenians who is also the delegate accredited to Allied powers with headquarters in Paris, the President of the Armenian Committee of Italy, and the political editor of the Italian [periodical?] Armenia who is also Secretary of the Committee. They were presented to me by Luzzatti, former Prime Minister of Italy and I received at the same time a note from the French Ambassador informing me I would be waited on by this Committee. They expressed France’s regret that Armenia had appeared to be omitted from the list of new states whose independence has been advocated by the President and spoke with earnestness of the situation and hope of Armenia. At my suggestion they have sent me a memorandum1 accompanied by a letter from Luzzatti, copies of which I am sending to Department by post. This memorandum outlines the political organization and national aspirations of the Armenian people, refers to history and sufferings of Armenia before and during war, states that they have been pro-Ally and many Armenians have fought with Allies; outlines situation of Armenia in Russia and Persia, includes general remarks in favor of the Armenian State. Their general demands are territorial liberty, complete elimination of Turkish sovereignty, recognition by Allies of Armenian State, unification of Russia and Turkish Armenia into one free state, solution of Persian-Armenian provinces left to Allies, geographical limits of territory.

Nelson Page
  1. Not printed.