Paris Peace Conf. 871.0144/9: Telegram

The Chargé in France ( Bliss ) to the Acting Secretary of State

6738. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers at Jassy, dated Army of the Danube, January 10th:

“The Roumanian Government and public opinion are extremely affected by the attitude of the Allies in Dobroudja. It is observed that the invasion of this part of the national territory the integrity of which we have guaranteed is the result of Roumania’s intervention on our side and the Entente should therefore have purely and simply handed this territory over to the Roumanian Government. On the contrary the Allies have requested Roumania not to make a military occupation in Dobroudja and their local agents have even opposed the sending of Roumanian custom officers giving as an excuse ‘the opposition of the Bulgarian Government.’ This state of affairs is aggravated by the fact that the Allied officers fraternize with the Bulgarians and give the impression that they are granting preferential treatment to the enemy to the detriment of its [their?] Ally, Roumania, concerning the affairs of the latter. The sovereigns themselves have voiced to us their complaints on this attitude as well as their grave apprehension as to the consequences that such attitude can lead to in the extremely difficult situation in which the country finds itself.”