Paris Peace Conf. 874.00/20: Telegram

The Chargé in Bulgaria ( Wilson ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

8. In Parliament yesterday Prime Minister stated he had received telegram from Mr. Hoover indicating possibility of Bulgaria securing flour from the United States. Announcement received with unanimous applause all parties. Leader of opposition (the papers in the case which brought Bulgaria into war on German side) [sic] took floor and paid glowing tribute to United States and President dwelling on fact that there had not been war on land of Bulgaria and United States and on fairmindedness and justice of American market [sic]. Parliament then voted unanimously to thank American Government in name of Bulgarian Government, Parliament and people for its possible willingness to send flour wherewith Vice-President of Parliament directed to communicate to me above vote. He called upon me today for this purpose. He has been during war one of the strongest leaders of the pro-German party as his speeches and telegrams to Kaiser show. He stated to me, however, that he was not pro-German but only interested in welfare of Bulgaria. He predicts [praises?] United States and President in whom he said that all the hopes for Bulgaria for justice were centering. I confined myself to thanking him for the cordial expressions towards the President and the United States as evidenced by the vote of Parliament and his perpetual peace remarks which I promised to report to my government. Please repeat Department.