Paris Peace Conf. 185.4124/16

Professor Clive Bay to Mr. William C. Bullitt

Re: Violation of the Armistice in the Balkans.

The American charge d’affaires in Sofia reports that Rumanian officials, gendarmes, and troops are being introduced into the Dobrudja in violation of the Armistice.

The Bulgarian government acceded to Allied demands regarding the Dobrudja on the understanding that, upon the withdrawal of all Bulgarian civil and military officials, the Dobrudja should remain under strictly allied military administration and especially that Rumanian administration should not be permitted until the status of this province had been definitely settled by the Peace Conference.

This is only a further instance of a policy now becoming prevalent among the Balkan nations. The effort to affect the final settlement (1) by occupying as much debatable territory as possible, (2) by trying to incite an opponent to action prejudicial to his cause and reputation, may lead to deplorable international relations and make more than ever difficult a lasting and amicable solution in the Balkans.

The President could do much to stabilize conditions, pending the approaching settlement, if he would notice the danger in one of his public addresses, and give formal warning that the Commissioners of the United States will not recognize a change in the status effected by violence or acts contravening the Armistice.

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