Paris Peace Conf. 871.0144/3: Telegram

The Chargé in Bulgaria ( Wilson ) to the Chargé in France ( Bliss )

For Ammission. Referring to portion of Legation’s telegram number 2, December 10, 11 a.m. [1 p.m.] regarding Dobrudja, learn that in further acknowledged violation of armistice and in spite of recent assurances given Bulgaria by Allies, Roumanian officials, gendarmes and even troops are being introduced into Dobrudja. Bulgarian Government has acceded to all Allied demands regarding this province on understanding that upon withdrawal of all Bulgarian Civil and Military Officials it should remain under strictly allied military administration and especially the Roumanian administration should not be permitted until status of Dobrudja definitely settled by Peace Conference. French Generals commanding Allied Forces and Adjutant, chief of British military mission agree with me that trouble is being stirred up unnecessarily by introduction of Roumanians into Dobrudja at the present time and that it is in violation of armistice. Understand they have so reported to their Governments, but present action is due to orders from Paris. I fear entry of Roumanians into Dobrudja may not only cause fighting there between them and natives, but may have unfortunate effect on internal situation in Bulgaria proper, even possibly to extent of causing fall of present ministry which question signal for revolution.

Minister for Foreign Affairs tells me that Greek troops have crossed Bulgarian frontier near Druma. Greeks deny this, saying boundary not clearly marked at this spot. French Commander sending mixed commission of French, Bulgarian, and Greek officers to investigate. He says he can say with some truthfulness that he believes Greeks would like to provoke collision with Bulgarians, throwing blame on latter in order to exhibit themselves [sic] to Allies on eve of Peace Conference as trouble breeders in the Balkans. Please repeat above to Department.