763.72114/4275: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith ) to the Acting Secretary of State

3338. The slowness of the evacuation of the prisoners from Germany is in my opinion acting as a serious menace to orderly Government in Europe. Bolshevist propaganda is overactive not only in Germany but likewise in Denmark where returning prisoners are approached by their agents. Viewed from the broad political standpoint, it is difficult to comprehend the dilatoriness especially of the shipping authorities in rushing an adequate amount of tonnage to German and Danish ports to remove their troops with a minimum of delay. It would appear that if the authorities fully realized the dangers of situation the shipping would be promptly forthcoming even at a temporary sacrifice elsewhere. Too little importance in my opinion is attached to the Bolshevist ferment which is acting through Denmark. The Bolshevists are now quietly establishing their principal Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen to operate not only on the returning prisoner of war stopping here but likewise to support the Spartacus movement in Germany. I am reliably informed that Jenson, one of the principal members of their “Legation” here left for Berlin recently bearing 1,500,000 marks and 3,000,000 rubles. The utmost possible speed in the removal of all Allied prisoners from both Germany and Denmark is, I am convinced, most necessary measure in the general interest. The discontent bred among Allied prisoners owing to delays in repatriation already evidenced by disorders at several camps makes them especially susceptible to Bolshevik propaganda and for the reasons cited above by stopping in Denmark they are exposed to its full force. I venture therefore to suggest that this matter be brought to the immediate attention of the competent Allied authorities with a recommendation that prompt measures be taken. Repeated to American Mission Paris. Copy to London.