862.00/403: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith ) to the Acting Secretary of State

3309. From a [reliable] German source it is reported that political situation in Germany has improved. The National Assembly seems now assured. It will be composed of 60 percent Socialist representatives, the Majority Socialist preponderating so that the Government will rest on a coalition of the two Socialist parties or a coalition between the Majority Socialist and the Radical bourgeois elements. The latter seems more probable in view of the growing disunity between the two Socialistic parties. Count Bernstorff17 will go as one of the German representatives to the Peace Conference. He told a friend [Page 122] recently that upon his arrival he would communicate with Colonel House personally and say “I have a letter from you dated shortly before I left America expressing such and such opinions about me; have you changed those opinions?” If the answer is yes, Bernstorff stated that he would be taken ill and leave for Berlin within 24 hours.

  1. Former German Ambassador in the United States.