Paris Peace Conf. 700.65/1: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

34. My 29 and 31 December 26th. In conversation this evening, Baron Sonnino assured me in reply to direct question that no treaty, [Page 470] agreement, or understanding has been made between Italy and other Allies such as referred to in above mentioned telegrams. He further stated that no agreement or understanding was arrived at between the Jugo-Slavs and the Italians such as I mentioned to the President as having been made about the time of Congress of Rome. He added that possibly individuals may have discussed and tried to arrive at some such understanding, but nothing resulted and the Italian Government knows of no such understanding.

The Servian Minister here also declares that no such understanding as last mentioned exists between Jugo-Slavs and Italians. He says the report refers to conversations had between Deputy Torri and General Mola, Italian military attaché at London, on the part of Italy and Steed 48 on the part of Jugo-Slavs. These resulted only in an agreement that no question of territorial lines should be discussed at the said Congress of Nations.

Nelson Page
  1. Henry Wickham Steed, foreign editor of the London Times.