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Paris Peace Conf. 184.82/12

The Chief of the Section of Territorial, Economic and Political Intelligence ( Mezes ) to the Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Grew )

Re: Publicity.

After consultation with the Plenipotentiaries, Mr. Baker desires that members of the Intelligence Section from time to time prepare memoranda for, and make oral explanations to the press representatives, outlining facts and problems in interesting regions, but without setting forth attitudes or policies.

While this is not a job for which we have preference, we are willing to undertake it, as desired, provided the Plenipotentiaries approve of our doing so, notwithstanding the embarrassments to themselves that are likely to be involved. I mean that in cabling this news, the pressmen will inevitably interlard it with discussions and statements of policy, which some of them will at times attribute to the plenipotentiaries, entailing embarrassment and calling for denials or more serious action.

It evidently is not for this section to decide whether that risk is to be assumed.

S. E. Mezes