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Paris Peace Conf. 184.82/9

The Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Grew ) to the Executive Officer of the Section of Territorial, Economic and Political Intelligence ( Bowman )

No. 114

Subject: Press Office.

1. In order to facilitate the work of Mr. Ray Stannard Baker, in charge of the Press Office of the Commission, I shall be very glad if you will place at his disposal such information in the possession of the Political, Territorial and Economic Intelligence Section as he may desire, it being understood that you will indicate to him how much of this information may, in your opinion, properly be published; that he will regard as confidential any other data which you may furnish him; and that he will submit to me for approval any communications to the Press which may be prepared in his office based upon information furnished by your section. I have informed Mr. Baker to the foregoing effect.

J. C. G[rew]