763.72119 P 43/923: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Special Representative ( House )

54. For Auchincloss from Polk. Your 118, November 18.14 Department would like you to go ahead on the plan outlined in your 99 with the modifications made by our Number 36.15 Suggested that Strauss16 or Kent17 be taken over as financial adviser … President said he would telegraph for some one when he was needed. This seems to be the plan they are following in regard to representatives of the various boards. President and commissioners plan to sail about December 3d. Commission has not yet been determined. Strictly confidentially, President taking with him Cary Grayson18 and Creel, not Tumulty.19

  1. Post, p. 197.
  2. No. 99 is printed on p. 194; No. 36, on p. 196.
  3. Albert Strauss, Vice Governor of the Federal Reserve Board.
  4. William Kent, member of the United States Tariff Commission.
  5. Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, physician to the President.
  6. Joseph P. Tumulty, secretary to the President.