763.72119 P 43/922: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State

127. Secret for Polk only, from Auchincloss. Thank you for your number 47, November 8 [18], 9 p.m.9 and your number 48, November 8 [18], 10 p.m.10 You may rest assured, that in any matters that I have anything to do with Army and Navy will be subordinate to State Department. We are working under serious handicaps inasmuch as Grew is still sick, Ambassador is in bed with what looks like influenza; Straight,11 whom we had assigned to us, has very bad case of influenza; Cobb is in London, and Lippmann is sick, and several others who have been assigned to us here are also sick. Miller arrived [Page 162] yesterday after a trip of 15 days. I will try to get an answer to your telegram number 44, November 18, 7 p.m.12 and would have, but on account of the fact that Vatican are occupied with their elections, and there is no Italian representative here, it is difficult get final decision on points of this character. Please thank Shaw, Barton and Duncan 13 very much for all they are doing. Please do not let my wife come to Europe unless she is confident that she is physically strong enough to stand the trip.

Edward House
  1. Post, p. 198.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Maj. Willard Straight, assigned to the Commission to Negotiate Peace.
  4. Not printed.
  5. G. Howland Shaw, Carlyle Barton, and J. Donald Duncan, of the office of the Counselor for the Department of State.