File No. 861.77/281a

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Yokohama (Scidmore)


For Stevens:

Mr. Willard tells me he has notified you of his resignation from Advisory Commission. I think you and Colonel Emerson should proceed alone at once to Vladivostok to investigate situation, ascertain whether party can be landed and quartered with prospect of going ahead with work. Party can not be held indefinitely idle as services urgently needed both here and in France. On the other hand project should not be abandoned until you and Colonel Emerson are convinced of expediency to do so.

Department’s advices further confirm your own impressions that the people are and will be in control for some time. Your dealings [Page 218] will have to be with them and not with the machinery of a well-established government. Department will regard your conclusions as based on your judgment that party will be able to cope successfully with these conditions. Department concurs in Ambassador’s views as to value of work both for present and future and will support you. If whole party can not be profitably employed please consider whether a part of them should remain. Within last few weeks Red Cross has brought two trains through from Archangel to Jassy. Keep me advised your movements.