File No. 861.00/954

The Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State


Stevens’s party can land with entire safety at any time. Departure for Japan was not due to hostility but as explained my telegram January 9, 10 p.m., because work impossible then. Also Thomas had provisions for few days only and impossible replenish here, city being short account of no transportation. Undesirable interpreters could not well be sent back if corps landed because Soldiers-Workmen’s Council were clamoring for their release from ship even when entire corps were refused shore leave claiming we were abusing Russian citizens. Undesirable interpreters must be discharged in Japan before corps returns. Three months required complete [locomotive] shops and work stopped awaiting arrival Jaspe dredgers, who should come immediately. Remainder of corps may be able begin work within a few weeks if situation at trouble centers along line continues to improve and if money for wages railway and port employees found by Russia or Allies.

No freight left here past week because of block near Omsk.

  1. Printed in full in vol. ii, p. 25.