File No. 861.77/217

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State3


1979. Tell Willard learned that Stevens left Moscow yesterday in car 466 for Vologda where car will be connected with Siberian express leaving Petrograd to-night. Stevens accompanied by Russian railroad official, son and interpreter. High railroad official who accompanied Stevens from Petrograd gave this information to the [Page 208] Department of Ways of Communication to-day from Moscow and said he returned to Petrograd and that above disposition of car made on Stevens’s urgent request and furthermore that he had delivered to Stevens in Moscow my telegram copy of which cabled you in my 1973. Have nothing from Stevens direct. Considerable fighting reported in Moscow streets. Suggest you cable Stevens, care of American Consul, Harbin, to await instructions there. Suppose you informed concerning conditions here by my cables to the Department. Some government will be established here when Emerson arrives Vladivostok and although I may possibly not advise recognition thereof think any ministry will be pleased to utilize Stevens’s and Emerson’s force. Moreover tender of their services may be necessary to justify us [in] charging Russia with expense incurred which was undoubtedly stipulated to be paid from advances made Russia. Please answer. …

  1. Sent via the Legation in Sweden (No. 908, Nov. 15).