File No. 861.77/223

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State1


1973. Also for Willard:

Stevens returned to Moscow yesterday stopping there. Russian official accompanying Stevens telephoned Department of Ways of Communication. Hear that Stevens thinking of going home or Siberia. Have just given following to … to telephone Stevens:

Situation here undetermined but this Bolshevik government can not survive and I think will collapse within few days. In the meantime please remain in Moscow. Think safest place is in your car but get in touch with Consul General Summers (giving Summers’s office and residence numbers). Please remain in Moscow for the present assisting railroad authorities as no one can do like yourself. When atmosphere clears government in power will be stronger than before. Of course you do not think of returning home. Your services never so much needed in Russia as now and you never had better opportunity to serve this country and ours. If conditions there become unbearable come here where shall provide safe comfortable quarters for you and your son. I am not going to desert this post and if responsible government not soon established shall address manifestoes myself to Russian people. Phone me daily . …

Minister Ways of Communication released from prison but directed to remain in residence consequently inaccessible. Forwarded Stevens your Nos. 18232 and 1827.

  1. Sent via the Legation in Sweden (No. 1030, Nov. 20).
  2. Not printed.