File No. 033.5111/2

The French Ambassador ( Jusserand) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: Referring to the oral explanations that have been given to the Department of State in regard to the early arrival in the United States of M. André Tardieu, Deputy, in the capacity of High Commissioner of the French Government in charge of the centralization of our various technical missions to this country,1 I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that he will be accompanied by:

M. Edouard de Billy, delegate general of the Quartermaster General’s Office; M. Level, delegate of the Supplies Office; M. Ganne, delegate of the Armament Office; and M. Cablat, delegate of the Ocean Transport Office.

I deem it my duty to bring this information to Your Excellency’s knowledge for all pertinent purposes and wish to add that a similar organization has been established by the Government of the Republic with respect to the centralization of our technical missions to England.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]

  1. He reached Washington May 17.