File No. 763.72/4472

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


6166. Following to be transmitted confidentially to Secretary of the Navy:

Situation continues critical. Total loss last week 113 vessels of 248,000 tons including 15 vessels of 28,000 tons of week before not [Page 61] previously reported. Many steamers and sailing vessels being lost which could be saved if tugs were available and strategically located. Therefore urgently recommend that as many seagoing tugs as possible, at least ten, immediately be added to our naval forces here. Tugs should be commissioned and armed. Hospital ship will be assigned our forces if found necessary. Request information as to sailings of our forces and from time to time as much information as practicable concerning Department’s intentions or plans as affecting our naval forces in these waters. … Can one anti-aircraft gun be supplied via supply ships for each of our destroyers not to delay sailing? Sims.