File No. 867.48/676

The President of the Armenian National Delegation ( Boghos Nubar) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that, the Armenian question having now become one of the international questions that will have to be determined by the future peace congress wherein the United States Government will wield a decisive influence, the Armenian National Delegation commissioned by H.H. the Catholicos, Kevork V, Supreme Patriarch of the Armenians, to lay before the Allied powers the just claims of his people, deems it necessary to have a representative in Washington. It has designated as such representative Mr. Miran Sevasly who has already been elected by his fellow countrymen president of the Armenian National Union of America.

I therefore have the honor to beg Your Excellency kindly to receive and recognize him as the representative in the United States of the Armenian National Delegation, and to vouchsafe him your lofty benevolence and invaluable support in the duties he will have to perform as intermediary between your Government and the delegation.

On the other hand, Mr. Pasdermadjian, whom H.H. the Catholicos recently sent to the United States as his special representative, has no doubt already presented to Your Excellency the letters accrediting him in that capacity, and it has already been agreed, with the concurrence of our two delegates, Messrs. Sevasly and Pasdermadjian, that, joined in close collaboration, they will both labor for the same cause which is the liberation of the Armenian provinces from the Turkish yoke.

During the recent afflictions that have overwhelmed Armenia, the United States in general and its Government in particular have given the Armenians such effective proofs of their sympathy and deep interest that our hearts and hopes have more than ever turned to them, fully confident that we have in them defenders who will powerfully contribute to our emancipation and the restoration of our national life.

It therefore affords me particular pleasure to take this opportunity to beg Your Excellency, in the name of H.H. the Catholicos, whom I represent, as well as in my own and in that of all Armenians, to accept the expression of our deep and unalterable gratitude, together with the renewed assurance of my highest consideration.

Boghos Nubar