File No. 800.61/20

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp) to the Secretary of State


3048. My 3031, 13th.1 Am officially informed that Allied conference2 decided that a scientific committee for revictualling operation formed composed of two American, two British, two Italian, and two French delegates sitting at Paris which would meet periodically in one or another Allied country to study inter-Allied programs for revictualling and furnish proposed measures in agreement with private executives. Mr. Victor Boret, Minister of Agriculture and Revictualling, is to confer in London with Mr. Prothero, Minister of Agriculture, and will take up question of the creation of this bureau. Communication from Ministry of Commerce follows by next pouch.1

  1. Not printed.
  2. Inter-Allied Conference at Paris, Nov. 29–Dec. 3, 1917.
  3. Not printed.